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    My name is Melanie I am the founder of Happy Dogs Waggin' Tails Dog Services. I decided to start my own dog walking and boarding business because of that beautiful girl to the left. It all started one day when I had taken my 5month old lab, Maggie, to play and socialize at the park but found that no one was there. This went on for weeks with no play friends during a very important stage of her life. Younger dogs need to socialize with other dogs otherwise they can become fearful and some even aggressive. So It was then that i decided to start my dog walking journey, so that Maggie always had friends to play with at the park. We started small only having a bulldog and a retriever to join us. Word got out and our business started to grow.

    We are now in our 12th year and employ an amazing team of walkers that always ensure their groups have a safe and amazing adventure everyday!

About Us and Our Services


   Happy Dogs Waggin' Tails is now in its 12th year. Talk about amazing! We strongly believe every pet deserves to have a happy and active lifestyle. That is why we are more than happy to be providing dog walking services to South Etobicoke, High Park area, Mississauga (east) and in home boarding to the GTA and surrounding areas.

    We are a growing business and welcome all dog breeds and size. We go out all year round, rain or shine, so don't forget to leave a towel out for your pooch. We frequent only fully fenced dog parks allowing a safe environment for your dog to socialize and play freely. 

    We never want any of our dogs to fall ill due to weather; during extreme heat or cold, walks times are adjusted accordingly but we make up for lost time the next warm day.


  We have a requirement that all dogs are up to date on shots for group walks and boarding. All dogs must be registered with the City of Toronto. 

Do you have a leash reactive dog? Aggressive? Don't worry about it. We are here to provide you with a service that best fits your needs. We are all inclusive and welcoming. It is our goal to help you even when others won't. Yep, we are just that awesome! 


    Please check out our services to find out more about pricing and details. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

All The Dogs Are Talking About Us!
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