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Group Walks

$28/per outing (1-3 walks per week)

$25/per outing   (4-5 walks per week)

$42-$50 per walk two dog homes (same household)

(We have 2 walk per week minimum requirement for group walks, 4-5 walks per week is ideal for a healthy lifestyle and proper socialization)

*All group walks are approx. 1.5-2.5hours from pick up to drop off

$30 for weekend and evening walks 30 min per walk (second dog $15)

Puppy Visits
15 minute potty break $20


Private Dog Walks

$30 for 30 minute leash walk (between 9am-4pm)*

$40 for 30 minute leash walk 2 dog home*

$28 for 30 min backyard play (multiple dog home no additional charge)

*Includes proper leash training and manners

*Fit to your dogs needs

Home Style Dog Boarding
$70 per day/24hrs or less(daily walks included)

$65 per day (stays over 8+ days)

 What is included? 2-3 Daily walks, tons of play in our fully fenced in backyard, tons of friends to play with. Videos/Pictures and updates

*12 years experience and amazing reviews backing our services makes us a top choice 

*Long stay discounts available for visits over 21 days (at our discretion)

Doggie Daycare

$55 Full day includes 3 back to back walks (5+ hours)

$40 half day includes 2 back to back walks (3-4 hours)

*Includes pick up and drop off


Where in the world will you be walking my dog?
Kipling and Lakeshore Dog Park
High Park Dog Park and Trail Hike (On leash and off leash areas)

Windermere Dog Park

Humber Bay for swim days (must be great off leash as this in not fenced in)

Garnett Woods Dog Park

Jack Darling for adventure walks

***Feel comfort in knowing that we only visit fully fenced in dog parks. Your pooch will never be off leash until we are safely inside the dog park.

**Special off leash locations for fully cooperative, trained dogs with 100% recall ability

All fees subject to 13% hst






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