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The Team



Maggie is now my oldest fur member. I can't believe how time flies. She is the reason why we started HDWT back in 2012. She was my first foster dog and my first foster fail. Molly was my second! 


  Maggie now enjoys time with the rest of her four legged family visiting lakes and golf courses daily. If your doggie has the opportunity to board with us they will enjoy these adventure walks as well.


The hound to the left. She is a comedian. If you have met Molly then you have most definitely fallen in love with her smile, personality and her amazing hugs. She is no longer the baby of the pack, that title now belongs to Tommy, but  she is most definitely still the LOUDEST. We call her the referee of the group. Molly always has something say, things to smell and places to be. Like a true hound, nose to the ground!

Molly loves long walks through the forests and new adventures. We love sharing those adventures with other pack members.



 I work hard to earn respect and gain the trust of my pack. I ensure that everyone is safe and happy during playtime and we have a blast. We are a happy group and welcome newcomers.

I started HDWT back in 2012 and haven't lost steam. I love my clients dogs as if they are my own and often confuse friends and family as I do refer to them all as "my dogs". I love to help my wonderful clients raise their puppies and learn basic training...yep I was totally referring to the humans ;)  I've appreciated every client that has made their way into our HDWT family and those that have left will always have a special place with us. Good-byes are hard and of course we all cry. After all, you are family, both the dogs and humans.  

Dogs are quite literally my life, and I wouldn't change a thing about that!

The HDWT Team

We are proud to say that every member of our HDWT team has a true love for dogs. Each member is passionate and excited to go on daily adventures with their groups. 


No two walkers are alike. Each has their own personality and energy much like the dogs ;) New dogs will enjoy a walker and group that best fit their personality and energy level.

We absolutely LOVE watching shy dogs come out of their shell and playful dogs find a new best friend. We are always in search of more best friends for our pack members (and walkers)

The main goal on our walks is for every dog to have a blast and go home happy!  

We personally train each new team member to our high standards and care.  We work very closely with each group of dogs and often in the parks at the same time. Best of all, we never take sick days and your dogs are always covered by a staff member of HDWT!

Each team member is trained in Pet First Aid, licensed, insured and bonded. 

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